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I love storytelling. My passion is developing engaging content viewable across multiple media platforms. View my work at my main site,  Angry Alien Productions.

I earned a BA in International Political Economy from the University Professors Program at Boston University, and an MA in Media Studies from the Institute of Education (University of London).

In 2004 I created and animated the award-winning 30-Second Bunnies Theatre, producing over 90 shorts over the course of ten years. The cartoons have appeared on broadcast tv, on demand, online and in an award-winning DDB Berlin global ad campaign.

Click here for 30-Second Bunnies Theatre in the Media.

Webby Award 2008 – Online Film and Video/Animation
Webby Award 2008 – People’s Choice
2 Gold Lions, 1 Silver Lion, Cannes International Advertising Festival 2006
Best Internet series – Ottawa International Film Festival 2004

I live in Portland with my family. I teaches comic art workshops and produces weekly updates of my webcomic entitled Baldwin P. Leninforth, Ombudsman. I completed an animated installment of Ombudsman from the storyline, “The Inventor.”