World’s End Detective Agency updates

Hi Everyone, a quick note to say I’m on page 70 of @200 for draft one of the World’s End Detective Agency story. I have been rather quiet on this site, and I foresee a day before year’s end where I’ll migrate both and this site into one delightful Shiman umbrella site.

Avery Bear and Bob Honkensnoot hang out by the wall.
Avery and Bob by the garden wall

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I’m writing/drawing a graphic novel!

Avery and Bob

In September, I took an excellent writing workshop called “Write Anyway” with teacher Janelle Hanchett. As I worked through the class exercises, an unrelated idea came to me. I’m really excited to announce that as of October, I’ve begun drawing/writing a graphic novel called World’s End Detective Agency. It’s about a bear named Avery who opens her own detective agency in the forest village of World’s End. I’ll share details about the process and fun backstory/characters stuff over on my Patreon page.