30-Second Bunnies unveil new season!

I am delighted to announce an exciting new direction for 30-Second Bunnies Theatre: The independent route!

After a much-needed hiatus, I am feeling refreshed and ready to return to the drawing board to begin a new season of re-enactments.

To that end, I am launching a Patreon page to generate monthly subscriptions which would allow me to create at least six new bunny shorts and ultimately, hopefully, develop a sustainable way to: A) Earn a living; B) Deliver these cartoons directly to the viewers, no middleman, no ads!

Patreon is a site that offers a level of automation for me to focus less on administrative stuff and more on the creation of the shorts, as well as all sorts of bonus tidbits to share, enrich and grow the bunny-viewer relationship. (Patreon is by no means a perfect platform model, but it has some good features and will do for now.)

I’ve invented a number of reward levels to choose from, and some of the bonus features are SWEEEEEeeet! (if I do say so myself.)

1. When Harry Met Sally (release date: Valentine’s Day 2018)
2. It (2017) (release date: 04/18/18)
3. Ghostbusters (1984) (release date: 06/20/18)
4. Silence of the Lambs (release date: 08/05/18)
5. Stranger Things 1 and 2 (release date: 10/10/18)
6. Holiday-medley…?TBD (release date: 12/12/18)
(Note! Titles and dates may be subject to change)

It goes without saying (but there, I am saying it) that I would appreciate your support immensely, whether financial, or by spreading the word that the bunnies have returned.

This is the soft launch before I make official announcements to the general public on the 15th, so please have a look around the site. If you have feedback or encounter any issues while exploring, please let me know!

Big thanks and hugs,
Jennifer (and bunnies)

Author: Jennifer Shiman

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